Mayor's Crisis Response Team

City of Los Angeles

During the average week in the City of Los Angeles, almost 70 people die from accidents, suicides, SIDS and other tragic events. The Mayor's Crisis Response Team has served the people of L.A. since 1998. The team currently has about 200 volunteers from all walks of life, who respond in teams of two or more to almost 400 activations per year. Click here to visit the L.A. Crisis Response Team website.


To inquire about applying to volunteer, click here. To be there with us through your tax deductible contribution, just click here to go to U.S. Crisis Care's donations page, and enter "LA" in the designation field.


To visit the L.A. Crisis Response Team's facebook page, click here.

To read the L.A. Times article about the L.A. Crisis Response Team, click here.


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