Supporting programs that guide people beyond personal tragedies.


Sudden tragedy can change lives in an instant – and without immediate support, survivors can spiral down into despair, substance abuse, family breakup and other problems. U.S. Crisis Care enables communities to help survivors through those first few hours, preserving hope, and putting them on a path to rebuilding healthy, fulfilling lives.


We support the development and operation of local programs that send volunteers to the scene at the request of first responders. These volunteers receive specialized training so they can:

  • calm survivors and serve as liaisons with police and other officials,
  • provide a compassionate presence to help survivors express their anguish,
  • help convene their family, friends and clergy,
  • help them understand what is happening and what to expect,
  • teach them how to care for themselves and one another,
  • refer them to agencies that provide long-term support, and
  • provide other practical assistance as appropriate




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